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Cheap Beauty Staples : Every girl should have them

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be a beauty must have. However, a lot of those products that claim to produce miraculous results, are quite expensive. Here are a few beauty staples that I’ve used over the years that produce great results, but don’t break the bank. This is a recession right? Every little bit helps 🙂

Milk of Magnesia 

Milk of Magnesia works great for controlling oily skin.

What could this product possibly have in store for you other than the obvious? Well, I actually use this product for my oily skin. I have super oily skin and sometimes I can become shiny even after I’ve just washed my face. However, this product really helps bring down the oil factor. I just wash my face as usual, rinse with cool water and then rinse a final time with cool water and a little Milk of Magnesia. The results? A shine free face. The best part? You can by it for about $6 at the drug store.

Shea Butter 

Raw shea butter helps smooth rough knees and elbows.

Shea butter will always be a beauty staple for me. It’s thrifty because it can be used for so many things. I like to use raw shea butter, so it can be a little costly ($10), but a little goes a long way. I use this product to take off my eye makeup,  as a lip moisturizer, and I love to use it in my hair. I also use this on my knees and elbows to keep them soft and velvety smooth. Shea butter can also give the hydration that baby oil can give your skin, minus the over powering shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Great for combating dandruff.

Another cheap favorite! I love using organic apple cider vinegar on sudden blemishes, for hair clarifying and for getting rid of dandruff. You can even use this to flush your system of impurities. Mix 2 table spoons of organic apple cider vinegar into a full glass of water and chug chug chug!  It may not taste that great, but after a while your skin will glow and you’ll even have more energy.

Blush, Bronzer, Loose Eye Pigment

It can do more than just bronze!

Great eye shadow alternative when in a bind.

I know what you’re thinking. Of course these items are beauty staples! But how many of you are using these items specifically for what you bought them for? Did you know that you can use loose eye pigment as nail polish, eye shadow, and lip gloss? Just mix your pigment with clear gloss and you’ve got a new shade. You can do the same with clear nail polish. Sometimes I dip my clear mascara wand in the pigment and give my lashes a little sparkle.

Bronzer can also have more than one use. You can use it to keep a sun kissed glow and as eye shadow. Blush can be used as eye shadow as well if you’r in a bind. Just dab a little on your lids and you’re all set. I’ve also used blush mixed with clear lip gloss on my lips a few times. Keep one of these items with you at all times so that you won’t be caught COMPLETELY off guard!

Corn Starch

Absorbs moisture!

Corn starch is great! If you sweat a lot (like me) you can use it in the places where you sweat the most. You can even mix it with a little bit of baking soda to combat odor! It absorbs so much moisture and you can buy it at the grocery store for just a few dollars. It also lasts a while because you only need to sprinkle the powder here or there. You can also use corn starch to dust your face with before you apply foundation. This will reduce the oil that your skin may produce. Be careful not to apply too much. You don’t want to look like Casper 😀

There you have it! My favorite beauty staples that are multi-functional, but won’t break the bank. What are some of your favorite inexpensive beauty staples?

About Portia S. Cole (99 Articles)
Portia began blogging in 2012 and has been having a blast ever since. She loves hair, fashion, and beauty, but she also enjoys pop culture and current events. Portia currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and son.

3 Comments on Cheap Beauty Staples : Every girl should have them

  1. 1st Lady Parrish // April 26, 2012 at 2:15 AM // Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful information.
    God bless you.

  2. This is great! you certainly got me with the milk of magnesia! I never would have thought about that one!

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