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The Chunky, Lazy Twist Out

Sometimes, we naturals don’t always have the time to wash our hair, condition it, sit under the dryer, and perform miracles afterward. A lot of the time, I don’t have hours to commit to my hair, especially during the work week. This is when I like to do a lazy chunky twist out. The photo that you see below is my way of achieving a nice hair style for a few days without having to to re-wash my hair. I only do this on hair that has recently been washed. Take a look at my steps on how to achieve this look!

What you will need:

  • A spray bottle filled with water and leave in conditioner.
  • A moisturizer (I use raw shea butter).
  • Whatever you use to do your regular twist outs (I use Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Smoothing Pudding or Kinky Curly Custard).
  • A wide tooth comb
  • A satin bonnet or scarf

Step 1

  • Take a fairly large section of your hair and spray it until damp with your conditioner and water concoction. Be sure to just dampen it and not soak it. It will take all night dry if it is soaked.

Step 2

  • Take  your twisting cream and coat the section of hair. Follow up with coating the same section with your moisturizer.

Step 3 

  • Take your wide tooth comb (should be as wide as your finger) and gently comb through the section of hair with the product on it. After combing, part the section into two sections and proceed to twist the two sections together. Make sure you are twisting tightly and hold the hair taunt.

Step 4

  • After you have twisted your hair all the way down to the end, twirl the end around your index finger so that you can create a curl on the end. If you find that your hair won’t curl on the end, secure the end (just the end) with a small cold wave perm rod.  You can find them at any beauty supply store.

Step 5

  • After completing your whole head, place a satin bonnet or scarf over your twists. In the morning unravel your twist, shake and fluff until your little heart is content. Simple, easy, and cute! Try it out and tell me how you did 🙂

Portia sporting what she likes to call "The Lazy Twist Out"

About Portia S. Cole (99 Articles)
Portia began blogging in 2012 and has been having a blast ever since. She loves hair, fashion, and beauty, but she also enjoys pop culture and current events. Portia currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and son.

5 Comments on The Chunky, Lazy Twist Out

  1. Found you on BGLH. Nice twist out.

  2. k81possible // April 26, 2012 at 5:30 AM // Reply

    I think I can manage that 🙂

  3. Wow that hairstyle looks amazing on you 🙂 i wish my hair could get that big and poufy 🙂

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