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Natural Hair : Super Curly Twist Out

A lot of people want to know how I do my twist outs on my natural hair. My method is super easy and there is no rocket science involved. I do this twist out on freshly washed hair so that it can set really curly and tight. Take a look at the steps below.

What you need : Organic Root Stimulator’s smoothing pudding, a wide tooth comb, Shea Natural curl and style milk, and shea butter. I make a concoction of shea butter, bees wax, and olive oil (yellow substance in cup). I use the bees wax because my hair needs a little something to weigh it down. It’s so springy. It also helps to really set and define the curl. The shea butter I used isn’t raw. I recommend that you get raw (white) shea butter. I just wanted to use the “not raw” shea butter because I don’t like wasting a thing!


Step 1 : Wash and deep condition your hair. Place a throw away shower cap over your head and sit under the dryer for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair completely with cool water.


Step 2 : With a wide tooth comb, section your hair in a large section and proceed to massage the curl and style milk, pudding, and shea butter (in that order) through your strands. Comb through the product with a wide tooth comb.



Step 3 : Finger part your section into two and proceed to two strand twist, making sure you start at the root and hold your hair taunt. Once you get to the end, twirl the end around your finger to creat a curl. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 on your whole head.



Step 4 : Sit under a dryer for as long as it takes your twists to dry. You could air dry, but I find that the dryer helps my twists set better. After your twists are dry, put a satin bonnet over your head for the night.



Step 5 : Unravel your twists in the morning with the Shea Moisture reconstruction elixir on your finger tips. I usually use olive oil, but I recently got the elixir and thought I’d give it a try. Carefully separate twists four times. Don’t mess with the curls too much, you don’t want to make them frizzy.

Step 6 : shake ur head and carefully fluff out with your hands. Style as you wish.


TIP! If you find that your hair is curled too tightly, stretch your hair by taking a blow dryer with a comb attachment and lightly blow dry your roots while pulling your hair downwards. You may want to hold your head upside down for this. Your hair will also get bigger and within the next few days.

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Portia began blogging in 2012 and has been having a blast ever since. She loves hair, fashion, and beauty, but she also enjoys pop culture and current events. Portia currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and son.

10 Comments on Natural Hair : Super Curly Twist Out

  1. You hair type is the same as mine! I hope you make some youtube videos I would subscribe!!

  2. hey porsh!! =) great site and tips! i’ve actually NEVER done a twist out in my 3 years of being natural. im scared it wont come out right and i have the TIGHTEST curl pattern on the planet and MEGA shrinkage. and i cut my hair so.. yeah.. all this anxiety to do it! ah!

  3. Saundra (from Cali) // June 9, 2012 at 8:37 PM // Reply

    Once you have finished twisting your hair, do you sit under the dryer wearing the plastic cap?

  4. how do you wrap your twist outs and refresh it in the am?

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