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Let’s Talk About Foundation


Finding a great foundation has to be one of the most dreaded tasks in the makeup universe. It can be so frustrating, that most people resort to not wearing it at all or they just stick to the same old foundation they’ve been using (even if it’s not that great). Foundation is the one makeup item that you should spend a good amount of money on. If you find a great foundation and it’s a little pricey, buy it! There is nothing worse than clunky, chunky, and uneven foundation. Your foundation should be so great, that you are able to wear it by itself.

There are several foundations that I have tried and recommend. Some of my recommendations are based on application alone and some are based on oily skin (so annoying!). If you already have an excellent foundation, great! If not, then you may want to take a look at the list below.

Clinique– The one thing that’s great about Clinique’s foundation is that it does not clog your pores and it’s great for acne prone skin. In the past, I’ve tried the City Base compact foundation with spf 15. This is a cream foundation and it glides on very smooth. It also gives you great coverage. However, I have oily skin and this foundation made me look greasy after about 3 hours. If your skin is dry, then you may want to give this a try. The only downside to Clinique’s foundation is that they don’t make anything darker than my skin tone. So if you have a darker complexion than I do, don’t even bother looking.

MAC – Like I stated above, my skin is super oily and I have to use a foundation that will suck the oil up. I’ve tried many foundations and MAC has a wide variety of oil blocking foundations for me to choose from. My favorite for coverage is Studio Tech. This foundation is a cream to powder. It glides on smooth like a liquid, but has the finish of a powder. My only issue with this is that I find myself needing to blot my face after a few hours of wearing Studio Tech. However, I’m in love with the flawless finish. Another foundation that I love is Studio Fix Fluid. This foundation is a liquid that finishes very matte once applied to your face. I love using this when the weather is warm and my oily skin goes crazy. If you have dry skin, you want to stay away from Studio Fix Fluid because it may make your skin look extra dry. I recommend Studio Tech for all skin types. What’s great about MAC is that they have foundation shades for all skin tones and undertones.

Cover Girl Queen Collection– When I was a struggling college student, I always used Cover Girl Queen Collection foundation. It’s only $7 and if times get rough, I will surely go back to using it again. The cream to powder compact worked best for my skin and it didn’t clog my pores. The coverage of this foundation is pretty descent for a drug store brand. What is great about the Queen Collection is that it was made for brown girls! I didn’t have a problem finding my correct shade. Whether you are caramel or mahogany, you will be able to find your shade.

Maybelline– When Maybelline developed Dream Matte Mousse, I was probably the first one to try it. I was constantly looking for that matte finish to draw attention away from my oily skin. This foundation is so smooth and light. It also feels like skin once it’s applied. My only issue with this foundation is that I couldn’t seem to find my color. I had to mix two foundations together in order to get the correct shade. That was JUST ME. The same thing may not happen to you, so don’t be afraid to try it. I recommend this foundation for all skin types. I have a friend who has dry skin and she swears by this foundation because it’s not powdery and it does not give you that ashy look. Dream Matte Mousse also has a variety of shades for us brown girls.

Lancôme – Lancôme’s Dual Finish compact is great for all skin types. It really gives you a flawless and smooth finish. It’s also versatile because you can apply it dry for just a little coverage or you can apply it damp for full coverage. It is very light weight and it keeps your skin oil free. Lancôme also has over 21 shades of this particular foundation. I recommend this for all skin types. It is a little pricey, but well worth it.

Those are my recommendations as far as foundation is concerned. Wait! Before you run off to the store, remember that the key to flawless foundation is a good face primer and blending. Setting powder helps too, but it isn’t necessary. Have fun foundation hunting!

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3 Comments on Let’s Talk About Foundation

  1. tried the clinique. and color is bad.

  2. It’s difficult for me to find the right color so I usually don’t bother wearing it.

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