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Color Block It

Color blocking is a fashion trend that never gets old. While it may be a staple, it certainly has evolved over the years. This season, color blocking seems to be one of the hottest trends. You may find yourself loving the trend, but you may not be too sure on how you can make it your own. Bright blues, neon yelllows and juicy orange hues seem to be taking over some of your favorite stores. You may not be comfortable with wearing too many electric colors all at once and that’s OKAY! Despite what you see in the media, there aren’t too many “every day” women walking around wearing neon yellow skinny jeans.

I personally am in love with color blocking and I especially love color blocking with neutral colors. Below you can see me wearing a beige Cynthia Crowley dress ($39.99-Marshalls) and a Nicole Lee Purse ($39.99-Marshalls). I paired my neutral dress with a bright green purse that also has the same beige color woven in the fabric. Instead of being obvious with my color blocking, I chose a more subtle approach. I also wore subtle gold sandals with a turquoise necklace that I purchased at a car show for $19. This is a great way to color block if you’re more of a simple, neutral gal.


Sometimes, you may want more than a splash of color. You may be feeling adventurous and want to liven things up a bit, which is completely understandable. When you do decide to take the dive with daring colors, make sure you’re using colors that will enhance certain areas of your body that you love, but will minimize certain areas that you may not like so much. For example, if you have extremely wide hips that you don’t want to show case, then it may not be wise to wear a color blocked dress with a neon orange on the bottom and navy blue on the top. The bright color will create the illusion that your hips are even wider. You should probably wear a dark muted color on the bottom half of your body and a bright color on the top. Create a slimming look for your hips instead of an overpowering look. If you are top heavy then you will want to wear the dark color on the top and a light color on the bottom. The same tip can be applied to women who don’t have hips, but would like to look like they have them.

Below is an outfit that I put together for a middle aged woman. Because she’s older and sophisticated, I chose to pair a muted navy blue and purple dress with a bright yellow 3/4 inch sleeve sweater. The sweater is bright, so I paired it with a not so bright dress to balance everything out. This woman also has a pear shape and a very high waist. Note the navy blue on the bottom and the bright colors on the top. I’m minimizing her hips with a dark color and creating a lower waist with a thin white belt. This gives the illusion that she has an hour glass figure instead of a pear figure. The shoes are rather neutral with a hint of yellow. You don’t want to look too busy.



Even if you aren’t an older woman, these color blocking tips are still great. Just remember to wear colors that compliment one another. Green, yellow, and purple don’t look so great together, but purple, blue and yellow look great because all of those colors work well together and separately. If you are dying to wear bright and bold hues, go for it! The ladies below do it so well! (Note: I’ve listed some great colors that go well together when color blocking. Find them after the pics!)





Try these colors!
Black, White and Red

Navy Blue and Mustard

Red and Black

Black and Gold

Baby Blue and Soft pink

Orange and Pink

Purple and Black

Gray and Yellow

Red, White and Blue

Purple and Yellow

Gray, Black and White

Peach, Tan and Orange

Yellow and Pink

Green, White and Black

Purple, Black and Turquoise

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  1. kinkyislandgirl // May 22, 2012 at 7:25 PM // Reply

    definitely color blocking this summer Portia!

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