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Natural Hair Relaxers

When women decide to banish the practice of putting in relaxers and start embracing their kinks and curls, they immediately start looking for a product that will relax their hair naturally. While there is no such thing as a natural relaxer that will get your hair bone straight, there are products that will make your hair more manageable every day. These products will also help to keep your flat ironed/pressed natural hair straight for a longer period of time.

Etae Carmel Treatment


The Etae carmel treatment is made with real bananas and honey. Everything in this product is 100% natural and is edible. The treatment restores damaged hair and has a lot of great vitamins in its formula. It is $19.99 a bottle and you can use it 8 times before you need to purchase another bottle. I have personally used this product and while it doesn’t relax your hair, it does make it more manageable and it softens your hair texture. Also, if you straighten your hair, the product will help to keep it straight and it will give your hair body. You would have to use this product several times to see the best results. Etae also has shampoo and conditioner among other natural hair products. Click here for more information.

Coconut Milk and Lime


I know, I was skeptical too, but this concoction really does work! Mix coconut milk and lime in a bowl, put it in the fridge over night and take it out when you see a film of cream on top of the mixture. Apply the cream to your hair and leave on your hair for 3 hours. After you rinse out the mixture, shampoo, and condition your hair, you will see elongated curls and a much softer texture. Your curls will also be less frizzy and more defined. When you blow dry and straighten your hair, it will be easier to do so. This is another treatment that works better the more it’s used. Here is a link on how you can make the mixture at home.



Cassia works wonders. It helps to strengthen the hair and it also softens your hair texture. It is very popular in the Indian culture and it has been used for many years to promote healthy hair growth. I have used it several times to stop breakage and when I rinsed the product out, I noticed that my curls were stretched and stayed stretched for quite some time. Another benefit of cassia is that it lightens your hair naturally. If you have gray hair, the cassia will turn the gray hairs blonde! Be careful if you have very dark hair because the cassia will gradually lighten your hair over time. Click here to find out the proper way to mix cassia.

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