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Dabur: Amla Hair Oil


I’m not usually a fan of trying a lot of oils on my hair because I have already found my holy grail of hair oils. But when I was experiencing hair loss after giving birth to my son (which is natural during the first year after birth), I decided to do my research and see what I could use to keep more strands on my head and less on my comb!

Within the past few years I have adopted quite a few things from Indian hair care regimens. Some of the Indian products that I have been using have improved the health of my hair greatly. One of those products is Dabur Amla Hair Oil.

Alma is an Indian gooseberry and the oil from the berry enriches the hair and strengthens every strand it touches. It is also great for shine and moisture. I started using the oil about 3 months ago and my hair is shedding less and has grown significantly. I didn’t know hair oil could truly promote this kind of hair growth. Now, everyone may not experience the hair growth, but this review is just based off of my personal experience.

The directions for the oil vary, but I mix the oil (two table spoons) into my deep conditioner every time I wash my hair (once a week). I also put the oil directly onto my scalp every two days. This has been the only oil that I have used so far that does not sit on my scalp. It actually seeps into my scalp and it does not make my hair greasy or heavy. It even helped with my dermatitis which specifically prevents me from putting most oils directly on my scalp. The oil does have a very specific smell (its peculiar but it doesn’t smell awful) however, the scent disappears throughout the day. I’m not trying to gas the product up; I just thought that I would share something that has really been good to my hair lately. Since my hair is happy, I will make this oil one of my staples! Purchase your Amla Hair Oil HERE!

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