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The Mane Choice : Manetabolism Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins

I’m so excited! I just received my Manetabolism hair, skin, and nails vitamins from The Mane Choice. I have been following the owner of The Mane Choice product line, Courtney, for about two years now, so I was happy to hear that she developed her own hair care line. I was even more thrilled to see that she added a vitamin to her line. I purchased two bottles of the vitamins and each bottle has a one month supply. They were a bit pricey ($24.99 a bottle) but I was so impressed with the reviews that I didn’t mind. Tons of people have been consistently taking Manetabolism and they’ve seen great hair growth results in as little as two weeks. My reason for taking the vitamin isn’t so much for hair growth (but I don’t mind it!) but for hair strength, nail growth, and energy. I read a review from a popular vlogger and she said the vitamin gave her great energy. That tidbit really gained my interest because with an 11 month old baby boy, I’m always looking for natural ways to boost my energy.

Below, you’ll see the length of my hair and nails. My nails are horrible! I had a gel manicure done a few times and when I took the gel off (the proper way) my nails were thin and sore. What you are looking at below is the result of me cutting my nails down every time they grew out due to them always bending back. Ouch! I think all of my damaged bits are gone so I can have a fresh start. I’ve also taken a picture of my hair length and I have drawn a bold line to the lowest point of my hair, per Courtney’s instructions, so that I could really track the growth. Even though I’m not too concerned with growth for now, I still wanted you to see my growth because I know that most people take the vitamin for that reason alone. I definitely won’t be mad if my hair grows a few inches, the more the better right?


I’ve also seen testimonials on how the vitamin has cleared up acne prone skin. While I do have acne prone skin, I’m not taking this vitamin for that reason. I already have a skin care regimen that’s been working pretty well and my skin is currently under control. I wouldn’t be able to say if the vitamin contributed to that since I already have been using products to help me in that area. However, I will let you guys know if my skin becomes problematic due to taking the vitamin since it’s the only one I’m taking at the moment. Keep in mind that I am not doing anything else to promote hair growth other than my usual routine which includes deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, eating well and exercising. So far, those things have not caused my hair to grow at a faster rate.

I’ll post the results of my hair and nail growth in two weeks (May 13) and repeat the process until I’ve finished the two bottles I purchased! I’m hoping that the vitamin will grow and strengthen my poor pathetic nails, boost my energy and strengthen my hair! Wish me luck!

Order your Manetabolism vitamins and join me on this journey!

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