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Finger Detangling: Why I Stopped Detangling with a Denman Brush

Detangling…most natural’s hate this process and I am included in that number. None the less, it’s something that must be done and there is no getting around it. I used to detangle my hair with a Denman brush for years. I was faithful to this method because it was the most effective. HOWEVER, your natural hair can change texture for a number of reasons (it grew longer, your diet changed, you gave birth, etc.) and mine certainly did. During my pregnancy and after I gave birth, my hair texture changed and my Denman brush was ripping my hair out. I mean, it was tearing out whole curls! THAT was unacceptable. I wish I took a picture of all the hair in my brush after I detangled…It was that bad.

I always thought that I needed my Denman brush in order to detangle my hair because that was the only tool I found that seemed to get the job done. Wide tooth combs didn’t do it well and it took too long. I literally tried everything under the sun before settling on the Denman brush, EXCEPT…finger detangling.

I did my research on the method because I was certain that my hair was too thick to like something as simple as finger detangling. However, much to my surprise, my hair LOVED it! I should have started my detangling journey with this method. It takes a little more time to detangle my hair, but it keeps my hair on my head. I can actually feel the tangles and gently work them out instead of ripping through them with a brush. I part my hair in four sections after I’ve applied my conditioner and work my fingers through one section at a time, gently removing any knots or tangles. I’ve copied and pasted the steps for finger detangling from below.

How To:


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4 Comments on Finger Detangling: Why I Stopped Detangling with a Denman Brush

  1. I finger detangle my hair ( lower neck length), and both my girls (ages 9 and 7 with lower back length thick hair) – in fact they have recently started finger detangling their own hair, and when their grandma keeps them tells her that she can only finger detangle. so easy, always available, and much gentler.

  2. Hey I have a question ? after you stopped using the denman brush did your hair regain its thickness? Great info by the way.

    • Yes it did because i was no longer ripping through my hair with the brush. Like i said in my post, whole curls were starting to come out of my head when i used the brush. Now, my curls stay on my head and my hair isnt breaking.

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