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Update: Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamins

This is more like a two and a half week update instead of a two week update. I was super busy last week and had zero time 😦 but anywho….these are my hair results from taking Manetabolism. Clearly, my hair has grown. I’m not sure how many inches or if it even grew a whole inch since I didn’t measure, but it’s certainly not at the “1” mark anymore. I drew another line and labels it “2” so that you can clearly see the growth. I don’t think it would have grown that much in such a short amount of time if I didn’t take the vitamins. In addition to hair growth, my hair also has gotten thicker at the root, which is great!

I told you guys before that I was looking to gain energy and grow my nails out from a bad gel manicure. I’m not able to show my nail progress (though they did grow) because I still have more damaged bits that I have to cut down. As far as energy, I used to rely on coffee to give me a boost in the morning (I know, I know) but now I just rely on these vitamins! (But I still heart coffee :-))

One day, I didn’t take them until the evening because I wanted to be sure the vitamins were really giving me energy. I really felt the difference. I was functioning, but I didn’t feel the extra perk that the vitamin gives.

Finally, these vitamins did not break my skin out. Like I mentioned before, I have oily, acne prone skin that is hyper sensitive. This vitamin didn’t cause a huge breakout like biotin does, yet it has a lot of biotin in it! I was pleasantly surprised. I did get a pimple on my chin, but that was due to (cough) that TIME of the month.

Overall, I would recommend the Manetabolism vitamins to someone who is trying to grow their hair. It clearly works very well in that area. I’m going to continue to take these vitamins and give an update in another two weeks. I hope this review helps someone!

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2 Comments on Update: Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamins

  1. I’m taking biotin right now and the breakouts are unreal! They are small, but annoying none the less. I wish I read about the side-effects of biotin before purchasing two large bottles. *le sigh. I might switch over to this when I’m done though, amazing difference! Do you know the best way to measure your hair if it’s short, I like the t-shirt idea, I’ve just been pulling mine down, it’s just slightly below my collar bone but I was wondering if there is a better way to tell… measuring tape? lol

    • Pulling your hair down is perfectly fine. In fact, that’s how most measure their hair. I’ve seen ppl measure their hair against a t-shirt that had a ruler on it, but they can be pricey for a t-shirt. I usually just pull my hair down in the back and mark with a black marker so I know for next time I measure if my hair grew any. And yes, I’ve seen people measure their hair with a tape measure as well lol. But that will require someone else’s help.

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