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My 10 Curl Confessions

I was tagged by Renee Alise Simons of to participate in this curl confession. Oh BOY! Lol. Some of the things I’m going to reveal to you may blow your mind…or at least make you scratch your head and leave you puzzled. Keep in mind that I’ve grown and matured in my natural hair journey along the years (hehe). Here it goes…my TEN curl confessions 🙂

1. I didn’t use anything to retain moisture in my hair when I first went natural.

-Yes, you read correctly. I, the lady who is always on a soap box screaming about moisture, didn’t think twice about it when I did my big chop almost 10 years ago. I was always told that oil and grease weigh the hair down, which is true. But I was told that while I was relaxed, not realizing my new hair was totally different from my relaxed hair. I needed to seal my water drenched hair with a light oil to keep it hydrated and I didn’t…for almost a year (insert horror scream here). The only thing I was focused on was curls. And I’m not sure why that was my focus since I have the driest hair on the planet. Thank God my hair was still short by the time I realized I needed to moisturize my hair consistently!

2. I washed my hair EVERY DAY with SHAMPOO

​-Every day for 8 months I washed my hair with shampoo that was full of sulfates, slapped some gel or mouse in it and was done. Ummm, ma’am, I’m gonna need you to NOT strip your hair every day! It’s a wonder my hair didn’t end up on the floor screaming for help. This made my hair even drier since I already wasn’t doing anything to keep it moisturized.

3. For 3 months I didn’t wear a silk bonnet, pillow case, scarf…NOTHING

​-You are probably thinking my hair must have looked like a brillo pad. Some days, it did lol. But most of the time it looked neat because it was still short (praise HIM!).

4. Straightening my hair…

– After a year of not cutting my hair to the short pixie that I was accustomed to, I decided to do a length check with a flat iron that was cranked up to 400 degrees. Surprisingly, my hair didn’t singe off and I didn’t have severe heat damage. Just a couple of stringy things that have obviously been cut off over the years. It looked a hot mess though and that was a super dumb idea. I quickly washed my hair after.

5. I used curl activator in my hair

​-Enough said.

6. I didn’t deep condition my hair

​- While I used conditioner in my hair when I first went natural, I didn’t deep condition my hair while it was short. Just because your hair is short and easy, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to spend time on it and nourish it by doing regular deep conditions. All I did was slap some cheap conditioner in my hair for 3 minutes in the shower and then rinsed it out. This was not wise.

7. The roller set

​-I started experimenting with roller sets while I was in college. The first few that I did…I used FOAM rollers with NO PAPER. And I wondered why my ends were dry and crunchy?! Foam rollers are not a good idea folks. Unless your ends are carefully wrapped with paper, they dry out your hair. I really don’t recommend that you use them even if you do use paper.

8. When my hair got longer, I wore it in a puff

​-Every day for about a year, I wore my hair in a puff. I was tying my puff back tight almost every day. I thank my dear Jesus that my edges didn’t disappear. What was I thinking? Ignorant about hair care was all that was.

9. I used too much protein

​- Several years ago, I would make a “conditioner” and I use that term very loosely, that was full of protein. Something that dry hair doesn’t like too much except on occasion. It was full of egg and Infusium. Hair was dry as a bone and hard as brick. Simpleton. I fixed that fairly quickly after I did my research and realized I was doing my hair more harm than good.

10. I compared myself to other women with natural hair

​-I used to compare myself to other experienced naturals all the time. I would look at the length of their hair, how long they’d been natural, and compare with mine. Discouraging myself and damaging my hair in the process. But I soon realized that my hair is very unique. It’s MINE. I have to do what works best for me and appreciate my hair, its health, and its length during its different stages. I learned to accept my hair and love its unique qualities. Once I did that, my hair started growing beautifully. It took it’s time and responded well to my tender loving care.

That’s it. My TEN curl confessions for all to see and laugh at LOL! Read this list and do the complete opposite dolls. I tag: TressandTreat, ReggaeInspired, Beautiffulcurls, and Beautifullymane! I can’t wait to read your curl confessions girls.

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4 Comments on My 10 Curl Confessions

  1. Wow I’ve done quite a few of those lol. It’s s journey!!

  2. Thanks for tagging! Loved the post! You’re so right, it is a journey, glad we know better so we can do better LOL!

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