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Is That Your Real Hair? Are Natural Weaves and Wigs Skewing Perceptions in the Natural Hair Community?



There have probably been times when you’ve been scrolling through social media admiring someone’s hair, not knowing that they’re actually wearing a half wig or weave that looks like it’s 100% theirs. Women who are looking for natural hair inspiration also can’t tell the difference between the natural looking hair weave and real natural hair. There was even a comment under a photograph that read “Her hair is beautiful, but who knows if it’s real with all these natural weaves these days.”

So here’s the big question: Should natural hair gurus, on social media sites, tell their followers that they are wearing a weave or wig?

Click the link to read my complete article on this issue at and let me know what you think!


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10 Comments on Is That Your Real Hair? Are Natural Weaves and Wigs Skewing Perceptions in the Natural Hair Community?

  1. I have actually thought about this. One the one hand it is nice to see us embracing our textures. I see it as false advertising in a way. Not in the sense that our hair can’t grow to such luxurious lengths, thick and full. My issue is that without saying that is a weave the other naturals (newly big-chopped for example) may be discouraged if their hair isn’t growing fast/full. What is the harm in putting it out there in the object of full disclosure? Not to knock those who wear wigs but young ladies who have patiently grown their own hair out should get the respect owed to them for their commitment. It is cool to switch your look up now and again but say “length achieved with the help of a wig” or something to that effect.

    • You’re right. I don’t see any harm in telling the truth. I believe that if you have natural hair and know ppl admire you for it and ask you for tips, tell them if you are wearing a weave. If I wear a faux bun or twists with added hair, I tell my followers. It’s only right.

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    Very interesting… What do you all think?

  3. So true. It’s annoying

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    So true

  5. very interesting… I think it would be nice to know if a natural hair guru was wearing a wig, but it’s up to them to tell us. If they are showing me a how to do a twist out on fake hair it’s all good as long as I can use those same techniques on my real hair but if they are doing a video on l how to get long healthy hair and they are wearing a wig and underneath the wig their hair is a mess I would have a problem with that…lol

  6. This thought has definitely crossed my mind on numerous occasions, especially when I’m on Tumblr pages exhibiting gloriously long and healthy natural hair. I’ve had friends sport long natural wigs and I always feel like I pale in comparison with my real twa. *Kanye shrug* Whatever. I’ll just continue to wait patiently or sport box braids. But I definitely think that bloggers and vloggers should let their viewers know if they are wearing a wig.

    • Well said! I believe you’re entitled to not tell a soul UNLESS it’s your brand. In that case, you’d be blatantly lying about your product which is your hair. That’s not fair at all.

  7. This is A very cute outfit!

  8. Lidia Cornelio // July 4, 2014 at 2:31 PM // Reply

    For sure! It should definetly be known. I think it sucks when you’re admiring a healthy long head of hair and it’s actually really a weave or wig. We are all trying to achieve healthy hair whether short or long. However, a wig/weave down to someone’s shoulders or back without a disclaimer is dishonest. At least share to the audience that you are taking a break/trying something new or using protective styling. I think it sets us all up with unrealistic expectations of how all healthy natural hair should look. It’s mimicking the poorly misrepresented beauty industry. Let’s be real with ourselves ladies. Our hair is beautiful whether long, short or super thick shiny curls. We need to accept our natural beauty.

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