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4 Simple Faux Bun Styles For Any Natural Hair Length

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Summer is officially here and for natural ladies, that means finding new ways of protecting your hair from the brutal heat. Long braids and twists are great, but sometimes you may want something with a little more simplicity. These four natural divas will show you how you can achieve a gorgeous faux bun at home without all of the fuss of having to go to the salon. Not only will these ladies show you a simple way of protecting your hair from the heat, but they will show you how to look dazzling while doing it!

Mika Lishauna

Mika Lishauna made this simple jumbo, ballerina bun by using Marley braiding hair. Before adding the hair to her bun, she made sure that she smoothed her hair down withEco Styler gel. She later used a scarf to aid in laying down the hair. The key to her bun was twisting the Marley hair before she added it to her own hair. This faux bun gives the illusion that your natural hair is thick and full. You can’t even tell it’s not real! This is a great faux bun for ladies with naturally thin hair.


Have a TWA? No problem! FlawlessBeauty1984 shows the TWA ladies how they can achieve a fierce faux bun as well. She made sure to brush her hair up using a combination of Eco Styler gel and Blue Magic. The trick to grabbing every little hair was her boar bristle brush and a tooth brush. She also used Marley braiding hair to style her bun and the results are awesome.


This flawless ninja bun created by BeeOHoney is edgy and effortless. She moisturized and detangled her hair first, then she brushed all of her hair to the front of her head. This 4C natural used Kanekalon braiding hair for this bun. Her faux bun is super sleek and smooth.

Natural Sistas

Talk about the bun of all buns! This twisted, gorgeous creation was done by Natural Sistas. This is so versatile and can be worn for date night or an elegant affair. The best part? It’s not as complicated to create as it looks. The key to this bun is twistingKanekalon braiding hair into three separate twists and tying them off before wrapping them around your hair. After that, it’s nothing but wrapping, tucking and pinning!

Will you be bunning it up this summer?

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