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Review: The Mane Choice Green Tea and Carrot Deep Treatment Mask

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know I’m not one to recommend products unless I’ve used them. And by use them, I mean more than once. For the past 3 months, I’ve been using The Mane Choice’s Green Tea and Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask. This isn’t my first go round with the brand; I’ve also taken their hair vitamins. However, I was a little skeptical about their natural hair line because everyone under the sun has one these days. What makes this line so different? After reading reviews about how the conditioner prevents breakage and strengthens the hair, I decided to give it a shot.
When I purchased my bottle, I thought, “$17.99 for 8 oz. of conditioner?!”. That price is rather steep for me, considering I spend just over $3 for my old faithful cholesterol conditioner. None the less, I purchased the green tea and carrot conditioning mask anyway.

The consistency of the mask threw me off a bit. It’s a bit thinner than I’d like it to be and usually, my hair responds well to heavier conditioners because it soaks up everything very quickly. Heavier conditioners don’t give my hair enough time to absorb them because they are so thick. Now you know why cholesterol conditioners are my old faithfuls!

I believe that you can’t really see the benefits of anything unless you use it for a while, so I waited 4 weeks until I gave my rating. Besides, the instructions clearly state that the mask is to be used once every two weeks . I applied the mask (two quarter sized amounts) to my hair and let it sit for 20 minutes under the dryer. The first time I used the mask, meh. Nothing notable happened. However, after my second time using the mask, I noticed a major difference in the amount of hair that was in my wide tooth comb and Denman brush after detangling.

I really wish I had a before picture because I couldn’t believe it. As far as the product running out, I didn’t think it would last as long as it did because of how thin it is, but it lasted me a good 3 months. This is probably because I stretched it a little by using a little of my cholesterol conditioner on top of the mask. It was easier for me to detangle my hair that way. The green tea and carrot mask didn’t allow me to detangle easy, but it did decrease my breakage. I give this mask a 7 out of 10. I took away points for price and the fact that I couldn’t use this product alone while detangling. I also wish the bottle was larger. Would I buy it again? Sure. But I wouldn’t be in a rush or anything considering how much it costs. There are other products and natural alternatives that prevent hair breakage as well. However, it’s nice to know that the this conditioner does what it promises!
Disclaimer: All reviews on my blog are 100% honest. I don’t get paid to review products. I purchase items with my money and I don’t get anything for free. If and when I do receive compensation for my reviews, you will be the first to know!  

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