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What’s Inside My October Essence Beauty Box

Yesterday, I finally received my Essence Beauty Box. It’s one of the first luxe sample beauty boxes that’s specifically for us brown girls and it’s supposed to guarantee at least one beauty product by a black owned company every month. I purchased my October box for $15 and I will be billed monthly thereafter.  
I must admit, I was a little skeptical about what would be in the box when I initially heard about the venture over the summer. I even heard that there was going to be some kind of hair perfume in the box…hair perfume? Aren’t most perfumes alcohol based? What brown girl willingly sprays alcohol in their hair?

However, when I opened the box I was greeted by a description of each item and five decent sized products. No hair perfume! Lol Those products are:

1. Tart Cosmetics – Brow Architect Pencil

2. Curls – Crème Brulee Whipped Hair Milk

3. Eden – Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner

4. Calvin Klein – Eternity Now Perfume

5. L’OCCITANE-EnProvence – Hand Cream for Dry Skin

I’ve had a beauty box subscription in the past (Lipsy), but I had to unsubscribe because the products in the box just weren’t meshing well with my skin or taste. What’s the point in buying a beauty box if you aren’t going to use half of the beauty products that come in it?

Needless to say, I was excited to see the variety of products in my Essence Beauty Box. I was extremely excited and pleased to see the size of the Eden Coconut Leave In Conditioner and the Curls Crème Brule Whipped Hair Milk. Those sizes are definitely large enough for me to truly sample the product on my entire head and not just a section of it. Not to mention that both of the hair products smell like something you could eat. The Crème Brulee Whipped Hair Milk smells exactly like the name. It’s also not exactly like your typical hair milk – runny and sort of soupy. The consistency is pretty dense and thick for a milk. I’m looking forward to trying it on my next twist out. The leave in conditioner smells like a tropical vacation and is also pretty thick (we all know how much my hair loves thick conditioner). I’m not a huge leave in conditioner gal, but I’m willing to use it as a moisturizer on my next wet twist out.

Ok, so can we talk about this brow pencil! First of all, it’s full sized 3 in 1 pencil, and the pencil part has an angled tip. The pencil also has a brow spoolie and built in concealer for high lighting. The color that I received was “deep”. It’s just a dark brown, which I’m sure will look fine on my brows. It retails for $23 on their website, which is steep. For it to be a part of the $15 Essence Beauty Box is a real steal.

The Calvin Klein Eternity Now perfume is a roller ball. The scent is fresh and youthful, not overpowering. It will be perfect for my purse!

Hand creams by L’OCCITANE-en Provence are usually $12 for one ounce. The little gem in my photo is 10 ml (about a third of an ounce), but it’s enough for me to get a few uses out of and determine if I want to buy more. The cream is enriched with shea butter and smells light and fresh.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to use these products, but I plan on using the prow pencil tomorrow and I will throw the hand cream in my purse. The perfume is self-explanatory, but I’ll let ya’ll know about it’s staying power. The hair items will have to wait until wash day to be reviewed. Looking forward to giving this items a chance and I can’t wait to see what’s in my November Essence Beauty Box!

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1 Comment on What’s Inside My October Essence Beauty Box

  1. love this post, i actually was going to sign up next week to get the subscription box from Ipsy, essence, and birchbox. I can’t wait, I am so excited 🙂

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