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Shoe Dazzle “How Bow Dah” Ad Has Consumers on Edge 

By now, you’ve probably all heard of 13 year-old, Danielle Bregoli, and her “Cash me outside, how bout dah?” saying that won’t die. To give you a bit of back story, Bregoli appeared on the Dr. Phil show for a segment that featured parents and their out of control teens. Bregoli became so furious with the audience after they booed her for being disrespectful toward her mother, that she proceeded to tell the audience to “Cash me outside, how bout dat?” – implying that she wanted to fight. From there, for reasons outside of my level of comprehension, Bregoli has become an internet sensation. 
This ‘cash me outside’ line has even started to make its way into some companies marketing campaigns, including Shoe Dazzle. The online shoe company posted an ad featuring the line today and consumers were not impressed. Not only was the ad unnecessary, but they totally got the spelling of the line wrong. 

It’s one thing for Bregoli to become an internet meme, but when legitimate companies start to think that their consumers are shallow enough to find an obnoxious teenager’s antics amusing, you have to speak up. It may seem like just another thing to laugh at, but there isn’t anything funny about a 13 year-old girl exploiting herself on the internet for temporary fortune and fame. By using this atrocious line in an ad, you are essentially supporting children being disrespectful toward their parents and that will never be cool. 

Also, the next time Shoe Dazzle decides to incorporate a piece of pop culture into an ad, they may want to check to see if they’re spelling things correctly (insert eye roll). 

Such cute shoes overshadowed by foolishness. Sigh. 

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