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Model Accuses Fashion Designer, Karl Kani, of Alleged Drugging and Rape 

A model, who goes by the handle @lovelymovely on Instagram, has made claims that fashion designer, Karl Kani allegedly drugged and raped her after a meeting at a restaurant some time ago. She remembers nothing from that night and has had an ongoing case since April 2016. She was told yesterday that her case is now closed and will not be going to trial. Allegedly, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that she was unconscious at the time, despite Kani’s DNA being found on the model’s body.

She continued her story and stated that she has no idea how she ended up in Kani’s bed, naked and undressed.


Kani allegedly admitted to a consensual encounter, which @lovelymovely says is false. The model stated that the reason why she put the information on Instagram and tagged blogs like The Shade Room and Baller Alert, is because she felt that she had no other options. This is her cry for help.
Unfortunately, the comments @lovelymovely has received have been mixed. Some women have showed empathy toward her and have even shared their own stories of sexual assault. Other’s don’t believe the model’s tale and have even accused her of being on the “come up” or gold digging. However, she is looking for neither sympathy nor judgment, she just wants justice.



The model has since put text messages that she and Kani exchanged on Instagram. It hasn’t been confirmed if the texts have been altered. In the messages, @lovelymovely appears to be confused and out of sorts. It isn’t clear if the model is seeking monetary damages, but it is clear that she wants to be heard.

Sadly, @lovelymovely’s story is one of many. Blaming the victim for any kind of sexual assault tends to be the norm this day and age. Hopefully, by putting this information out there, the model is able to at least get a fair trial. Currently, no one knows what the truth is except for Karl Kani and the model. Kani hasn’t made any statements to the media regarding @lovelymovely’s story and hasn’t been active on social media since March 11, 2017, but he did turn off his comments on all of his photos on Instagram.

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