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Comedienne and “The Real” Co-Host, Loni Love, Transforms Into Style Maven 

Can we talk about Loni Love’s slayage lately?! Loni Love, comedienne and co-host of The Real, has been turning heads lately with her new look. If you follow Loni on social media, then you already know that she’s been on a detox and has made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. Over the gal and winter, the 45 year-old decided to transform from the inside out. She even temporarily gave up her beloved brown liquor and the benefits are definitely showing.

Loni Love on the set of The Real in 2014 (before her transformation). Photo:

Currently, the comedienne has an active wear line for plus sized women and she was recently on Rachael Ray helping other curvy women step their active gear game up. You can also find her encouraging other women to be confident with the hashtag, #DontLetYourSizeRestrictYou.

Loni Love in 2017 after her transformation.

I also think that Loni has hired a new makeup artist and a new stylist. She’s always made it clear that she loves to be comfortable and detests heels. Loni has always been beautiful, but if we are being honest, her previous wardrobe on The Real was a hit or miss. Sometimes, her looks didn’t do much for her curvy frame. Also, her makeup didn’t always look the best on camera and actually dulled her appearance.

Now that she’s clearly hired a new team, she looks incredible and her face stays beat! Her outfits are on point and I actually look forward to seeing what she’s going to wear each week. Of course, I love Loni no matter what she decides to do with her body, but when one is clearly slaying lately, it’s nice for others to notice. Loni definitely has been putting in work and I’m looking forward to seeing her light shine a little brighter.

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2 Comments on Comedienne and “The Real” Co-Host, Loni Love, Transforms Into Style Maven 

  1. Minyonne straughter // December 13, 2017 at 1:37 PM // Reply

    Hey loni….my name is minyonne straughter …I’m 54 years young.. I love your new look u go girl.. I remember a while back you were dating a younger man . Which is good too. U do u loni…stay looking in sexy…big girls need love too. I just want u to know u were always a beautiful woman before .. you have a beautiful personality then and now …congratulations.

  2. Minyonne straughter // December 13, 2017 at 4:10 PM // Reply

    Hey loni I just want to say you look great….keep up the good work ….it’s nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy….you did right for this change…for your health…I’m glad you put down the brown liquor….ha ha..

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