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Actress LaShonTae Heckard Has Fun While Breast Feeding, Fan Not Amused

Actress Lashontae “Tae” Heckard had some fun while breast feeding her son in a clothing store earlier this week. You can see the 36 year-old mother dancing in a video while her son is latched on to her breast. A kid’s gotta eat right? 

Most of Tae’s followers were supportive and laughed at her antics while trying to give her son a quick meal. But one fan wasn’t amused. The actress decided to respond to the fan by creating a collage of her breast feeding her son. 

Dancing while feeding her son may have been a bit much for some, but even without the dancing, the child still has to eat. Babies don’t care if you’re in a clothing store or tucked away in your home. They eat on demand and you must feed them right then and there. 

Too many breast feeding mothers are forced to feel like breast feeding in public is a criminal offense. It’s not. No one feels like finding a place to breast feed all of the time.  Why should things always be convenient and comfortable for the person who doesn’t have a hungry baby to feed? Boobs were created for a significant purpose and they don’t need to be sexualized every time they’re half-way seen. Tae wasn’t walking around topless, she was covered with nothing showing but her child’s head. 

As for why Tae posted the video in the first place, it appears that she’s been promoting the campaign #normalizebreastfeeding for a while. There are other posts on her page that show her support. What are your thoughts on breast feeding in public? 

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