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Happily Married Christian Author Tells Men To Stay Out of Her DM’s on Instagram 

If you’re thinking about sliding into Heather Lindsey’s DM’s on the gram, you may want to think again. After constantly receiving unwanted direct messages from men all over the country, Heather has had enough. She decided to (once again) make it known that she is happily married and is not interested in any man’s offering of prayer, healing, and friendship.


What’s interesting is that Heather is a Christian woman who is also a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. If you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see her positivity and love for Christ leap off the screen. Which brings me to my next point.

Assuming from Heather’s Instagram post that the men who are in her DM’s are also Christians, WHAT are they doing offering prayer, healing, friendship, and conversation to a godly woman who is all the way saved with a whole family? When they were in their Word, did they just  bypass Exodus 20? I believe it says that one shouldn’t covet anything that another man has, including his wife.

It’s sad that Heather felt like she needed to write an essay explaining why she has no interest in anyone other than her husband. I mean, she even shouts out her husband in her bio.

Not to mention her husband and children are all up and through her Instagram.

Hopefully, Heather’s post keeps men out of her DM’s from now on. Let this woman live her life without having to worry the next unwanted DM. She actually values her marriage and takes her vows seriously. Respect it.

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1 Comment on Happily Married Christian Author Tells Men To Stay Out of Her DM’s on Instagram 

  1. ha ha i love this. some men are so thirsty its sad

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