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Heartbroken, Netflix Gives A Different World the Boot and I’m Beyond Sad

Cooking Sunday dinner will never be the same. Folding laundry will be a dreadful task without hearing the sound of their voices. I won’t be able to fall asleep at night without thinking about how they used to lull me to sweet dreams. I knew the day would come. They warned me and even gave me the exact date of when it would happen. But I continued with my life trying to ignore the whispers of what was to come. Now I sit here heartbroken, numb, and unable to enjoy the things that were once a part of my daily routine.

All this drama is because the Netflix license agreement for black sitcom, A Different World, expired on March 15, 2017. The show now rests in the abyss of series and movies that have had the same fate. However, not everyone is as upset as I am. When roll call for cancelled Netflix shows and flicks were announced, A Different World didn’t even get a shout out. Entertainment Weekly mentioned Dragonwolf in their ‘goodbye’ article, but didn’t even mention A Different World once. The incredible groundbreaking show that (According to director Debbie Allen) increased historically black college enrollment by 40 per cent during the 90s, didn’t even get an honorable mention. How could this be?

This show gave me my first childhood crush, Dwayne Wayne, but more importantly it gave me a strong desire to further my education. Kim gave me hope that I could embark on any career I wanted, Whitley gave me life in every way, and Freddy was so full of whimsy that I wanted to find a friend just like her. Ron was the ride or die friend I hoped to meet. I didn’t even get any REAL notice of the show’s demise! I mean, you can’t tell a diehard fan that their favorite sitcom of all time will leave Netflix with only two weeks to binge watch all six seasons. It’s just not right.

Fans petitioned to keep A Different World on Netflix by calling the company and bombarding their Instagram account with the hashtag #KeepADifferentWorld. But to no avail. Netflix reps told fans that there was nothing they could do and the beloved show would have to go.

The really sad part is that A Different World doesn’t even have a DVD box set. You can find season one on Amazon, but seasons two through six still haven’t been released. Not only do fans not have their fave show, but they can’t even purchase it on DVD. It’s been 30 years since the airing of the first episode of A Different World in 1987. Can we at the very least get a couple seasons on DVD? It’s been two weeks since I last watched the historical show and all I have left are fond memories.

If you want to get a small fix of the 80s and 90s show, you can find episodes airing on Bounce TV at 8 a.m. EST. You can also follow this amazing Instagram account (@differentworld8793) where fellow A Different World stans abound. Sign this petition to encourage Carsey Werner Productions to release A Different World on DVD.

If you need me, I’ll be scouring YouTube trying to find a full episode of the show to bring me some quick relief. I’ll also be patiently waiting for Carsey Werner Productions to put petty differences aside and give us a DVD box set. They really don’t have anything to lose. Le sigh.

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